Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Updates - Car is safety ready!

Well it's been a LONG few weeks trying to manage our meager existences, while attempting to earn enough money to satisfy "the man", and ohh yeah.. trying to hold our marriages together.

But we have progress!

The cage is in, and most of the welds look like they are from a Kindergarden "Welding Day". I thought we had someone that did this for a living on our team? I guess it's hard to get a lot accomplished (and pretty) if you have a fully stocked kegerator sitting 10 feet away.

Special thanks to Dave for supplying the bottle of Black Velvet that led to an almost loss of finger, marriage, etc. etc. My wife still hates me by the way.... Happy B-Day to me!

Other random things we got done.

bubble blower is installed (and functioning beautifully I might add)

Amazingly enough, our vision of a "0 emissions, free range organicly grown race car" have come to fruition... Our highly secretive process of converting the earths natural "chi" into a harnessable force using the largest organically grown crystal in the world is now ready to catapult our car past the competitors. (Don't tell Jay, it still runs on gas)

For clarification, we have a switch in the cockpit that turns on a bubble blower that will shower our opponents with soapy grossness out the back of that rather farty looking tailpipe. Realistically, we will probably only be able to run it in the pits, but it's still pretty cool!

On another accomplishment note: We have a Mascot!
Meet Khundahlini, our resident spotted owl who will watch over our team to ensure fair play!
I wish I had time to wire red LED's to his eyes, but we only have a couple weeks left, and the car doesnt even run...

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