Thursday, December 11, 2008

Who is bringing the tools? You are, I am, Dave is, Jeff is. Jeff is bringing hand tools galore, we're bringing whatever specialty/automotive tools we think we'll need along with the generator and compressor. Jeff is bringing a wire feed, right?

Who is riding in what car? Down: Matt Jeff Erik in truck, Chris Rhi Tyler Tiffani in Chris' car. Up: Matt Erik Tiffani Rhi Tyler in truck, Chris Dave in Chris' car.

What tools do we need? None. Dave needs to bring his puller kit thingie and we need to decide who's bringing the wire feed.

Who has the radios? Where are the batteries? You have the radios and the batteries, from your dad.

Do the radios even work?? See last question

Where did I put my race suit that I bought 4 months ago? WOW... Maybe I should dryclean it? Uh...I think it's in the shop, actually. Didn't you already clean it? Maybe it's just you that stinks...

Does the car run well enough? No.

Did I forget to weld on that last hood pin support? Yes.

What time should we leave Portland to make it there in time to drive on Friday? Leaving will be dictated, unfortunately, by my aunt's diner schedule. At this point it's looking like start at 3pm and I can skeedadle by 6ish, on the road by 7, so lets say we're rolling by 8 after I've totally redone all the car binding you guys mess up.

Can we afford to drive Friday? No. Will anyway.

Did we ever get the mounting hardware for the HANS device? On dave's plate, he has our helmet.

Do the micorphones for our Chatterbox fit on a 3/4 helmet? See question way the fook up there that say it's your problem.

Should we park close to the track, or close to power? Life's about compromise, and we'll grab whatever spot looks sweet in our delerious drove-through-the-night state.

Will we even have power? We have a generator and propane, we're set for worst-case-scenario.

Where the F are we doing to put the welder, engine hoist, floor jack, aircompressor? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no idea. Probably in and on and under the cars as much as possible.

Whos idea was it to buy a 1975 camper that wont fit any of our tools? You had no part of it, fuck off.

How the hell do we fit 2 MR2's on a 20' flatbed. 2x6's my friend, and a fearless heart. And foolishness. And beer.

Once we get the MR2's on, where are we going to put the rest of the shit? You already asked that. Are you drunk?

Do we have enough power in the Ford to pull all this crap over the pass? Power? Yes. Everything else? No.

Gas is HOW MUCH?? Less than rediculous.


Bender said...


I don't know if your using high octane for gas but this may save you some bucks and give your car a little boost.
I didn't want to post it to the mr2 board. Bender

Erik said...

excelent information! Unfortunately, our motor is so old and toast that we don't need any kind of octane because our compression is like 8:1 if we're lucky. We're going to use straight cheap unleaded I think... mostly because we're already way over budget and have added hauling a camper with us for creature comforts to the diesel bill for getting there. If the car survives the race a rebuild will be in order and at that point these formulas will be more than helpful!