Monday, December 15, 2008

Our first roadtrip!

So this weekend we wanted to do a dry run with most of our gear loaded on the trailer... needless to say, it was quite an experience. 2 12' cars on a 20ft trailer. I guess it's a good thing we dont care about the body of the parts car! On the drive down to the allignment shop, we put the front bumper on the back end of the parts car. We tried a different technique on the way back.

Special Thanks to Bob at Superior Performace for allowing us to use his high-tech allignment rack.

This is what we did on the way home... scary as sh*t driving it up on the trailer. The theory was to put the front wheels of the race car, ON TOP of the trunk of the parts car. All was perfect, until my aim was a "little off"


Bender said...

All I can say is you guy's got more balls than us!
We want you in the pit next to us at Reno!

Scott said...

Holy bad idea, Batman!

At least you have a parts car. We don't have that luxury.

Team Porcubimmer

Matthew said...

If by Bad Idea, you mean "were probably going to wreck on the way down, but it's really cool looking".. you're absolutly right!

Spare parts will be sold at Airport prices at the track :)