Thursday, December 11, 2008

Logistical Nightmare

We have spent so many nights working on the car, and discussing what needed to be done... and yet I feel like we are SO far away from being organized for the race.

Who is bringing the tools?
Who is riding in what car?
What tools do we need?
Who has the radios? Where are the batteries?
Do the radios even work??
Where did I put my race suit that I bought 4 months ago? WOW... Maybe I should dryclean it?
Does the car run well enough?
Did I forget to weld on that last hood pin support?
What time should we leave Portland to make it there in time to drive on Friday?
Can we afford to drive Friday?
Did we ever get the mounting hardware for the HANS device?
Do the micorphones for our Chatterbox fit on a 3/4 helmet?
Should we park close to the track, or close to power?
Will we even have power?
Where the F are we doing to put the welder, engine hoist, floor jack, aircompressor?
Whos idea was it to buy a 1975 camper that wont fit any of our tools?
How the hell do we fit 2 MR2's on a 20' flatbed
Once we get the MR2's on, where are we going to put the rest of the shit?
Do we have enough power in the Ford to pull all this crap over the pass?
Gas is HOW MUCH??


I'm getting stressed, but totally excited!

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