Thursday, November 20, 2008

Keeping track late in the game

HI! We are free range racing, a grass roots race team participating in the 24 Hours of LeMons at Thunderhill, 2008. We are building a $500 total investment race car to compete against other $500 cars. The process of building this car is pretty intense, and is definitely a major part of the fun of this competition!

Our Team:

Erik (ME!!!): team captain, general tight wad and mechanical hack

Matt: Accountant and project manager. No real skills. (From Matt: Erik, yer a douche)

Dave: Fabricator and High Performance Driving Instructor. Clearly we drugged him and tricked him into joining the team

Jeff: Our California Connection. Financier and driver, won't see the car until he sits down to race.

As time permits, I'll fill in all the details of the car, the build thus far, the drama, the race, the finances and every other aspect of getting this project from the thrill of actually being accepted to the race to putting tires to tarmack.

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