Friday, November 21, 2008

The Car

So I am posting all the past stuff that we have done on the car, and trying to not leave out all the crap that I have probably forgotten!

I located an ex auto-x car in the Seattle area that had been in a front end "fender bender"... as it turns out, it was more of a "frame bender", but who's counting?

The stats:

1988 Toyota MR2 w/ 232k miles on the odo

The good:

  • Tokiko adjustable struts
  • Poly bushings in the rear
  • Header
  • List of stuff that we can sell!
  • It runs.... kinda
  • Pretty wheels!
  • $400 bucks!

The bad:

  • It runs.... kinda
  • Bent frame
  • Resonctructed title... not once, not twice, but three times. It's been BEAT
  • Tires are SHOT
  • Demolished windshield
  • Throttle cable is hanging on by one thread
  • Brakes are leaking badly... need a caliper rebuild badly
  • 230k miles on ORIGINAL tranny... /cry

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