Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The schedule for Streets of Willows... as spoken by Pete

Friday 3~pm, shake hands and say how's the flight?
Friday 3:15 mighty 440 comes to life, small children cry.
Friday 3:45 Mr Deuce freed from Magnolia Prison
Friday 4:00 Children again cry, epic quest for the Holy Gravel commences.

Hours of mindless 7 ton pole position and salami sandwiches. BEER!!!

NOISE.... darkness and chili, followed by sun and checker flag at 1:00pm.

Sunday 2:pm we stuff carcass into trailer
Sunday 2:30pm we drive into the sunset with much stench towards Morgan Hill.
Sunday 3:45pm Stop, look for smoke, continue onwards in due haste.
Sunday 10:pm dump wreckage in master chump's lovely driveway
Sunday 11pm ditch trailer in Milpitas
Sunday 11:45 Knock on Padrid-o-peeps door in Oakland, small children again cry.

Subject to wind variables.

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