Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Beer and parts in hand.. we had a quick bite to eat and started work on the car.

Luckily for us, we had a resident electrical wizard on hand to make the repairs. Enter Pete (aka Killer Bee Racing)(also AKA Zom-BEE).

Pete and Leo made quick(ish) work of the new battery install with matching terminals. Dad and I got to work on the o2 sensor, starter and alternator. 2 hours, 12 beers, and about 2 gallons of diesel through my 75k BTU heater and we had a running car!

It was now time for Beer Pong brought to us by the ever-popular Krider Racing. Rob Krider is a lemons veteran and now an official Chump. As part of the festivities, Krider Racing sponsored a nifty graphics set from Figstone Graphics to entice the Beer Pong entrants.

Conveniently enough, while my team was working away at getting our car back to track-worthy... Erik was over in the corner winning beer pong! Thanks to a last minute drop-out in the finals, Erik and Charles were awarded the vinyl graphics set. New professional numbers here we come!

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