Thursday, May 7, 2009

List of failures in the last couple weeks of car prep:

  1. Apparently weld slag got all over my bubble blower, so the tray that hold the bubbles is no polka dotted with tiny holes. I think I used about half a tube of silicon to get it "sealed"
  2. The small hole we had in our portable gas tank is now about 2" long... Anyone know how to weld polyethylene?
  3. Did I mention the hood flew off at a Porsche Club track day? Methinks we wont be invited back to that one.. at least the hood is umm... "fixed" now
  4. Our crystal sucks... like BIG time... it totally misses the entire look I was going for.... what did I expect for gathering the supplies at the Dollar Tree?
  5. Our new communication system has different plugs than the last one we tried... therefor all the headsets we had last time will no longer work. I know! Ill get an adapter! to ebay! Direct quote from the place i bought it from after I complained "Please send it back to Fire Fox, and Put in your name, address, and telephone and when it arrives at the warehouse they will send out a new one immediately. Sorry for the problem.
  6. We still don't have a helmet for the race... seriously, does it take 3 weeks to ship a stupid square box?
  7. Our track data acquisition unit is missing a transmitter... it's just money right?
  8. We were so happy to have the windmill mounted, we sort of forgot it has to be removed for the drive down... It's really not designed to be "removable"
  9. We still have no way to power the video camera. I zip tied a power inverter in the cockpit and hooked it to the battery, but who knows if our alternator will be able to keep up with it. Turns out they don't make 12v power sources for my DCR-SR8... anyone smarter than me have a better idea? Erik, I know your opinion and I don't like it. Next?
  10. Ohh yeah, the car leaks oil out of the drain plug... sigh

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Pete P said...

That was freaking awesome! The pic made me spit out my beverage, I was laughing so hard. See ya'll up at Reno!